Today more than ever before, technology-based solutions have a crucial role to play in business transformation.

The context

In all markets, companies can’t afford to ignore the waves of technological innovation that are transforming the landscape beyond all recognition. How can you ensure you ride the crests of those waves without being swamped? Successful companies don’t rely on breakthrough innovation happening by accident. They realize they can make it happen by design, and create an environment that encourages staff to push forward with radical ideas. Our job is helping them to achieve that goal.

Radio took 38 years to attract 50 million listeners. Facebook had 600 million users after six.


55 years

of disruptive product development


We provide engineering product and service development services from technology-based strategy and idea conception through transfer to production, delivering innovative solutions with reduced time-to-market, increased return on investment and reduced risk.

  • Innovation Management

    Our proven creative processes feed your innovation funnels, from strategic visioning through to product-specific breakthroughs.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    We have the expertise and facilities to deliver a proven, optimized solution designed for cost-effective production.

  • Software

    We develop robust software of any size and complexity using flexible processes and tools.

  • Signal Processing & Algorithms

    Our expertise enables us to process complex signals and turn data into valuable information and insight.

  • Physical Sciences

    Integral to many of our successful product developments, we’re experts in sciences such as fluidics, material sciences, optics and applied mathematics.

  • Technology Management Consulting

    Our in-depth market and process expertise enables you to grow profitably.

  • Human Factors & Industrial Design

    By adopting a human-centered approach, we produce solutions that users embrace readily and operate safely in real-world conditions.

  • Electronics & ASICS

    Our system design approach to electronics engineering integrates tightly with firmware and software, mechatronics and control systems and a broad range of sensor technologies.

  • Radio & RF Systems

    We challenge convention to create novel solutions, enabling you to differentiate in the wireless arena.

  • Sensing Technologies

    We use a diverse range of technologies in projects across our business to deliver high performance yet cost-effective solutions.

  • New Product Introduction

    We can take your product design all the way through to full-scale volume manufacture as part of our complete product development service.

  • Synthetic Biology

    To help you negotiate the coming revolution in biological engineering, we bridge the gap between biology and business through technology.

Our key assets


    Over 700 world class staff

    supplying multidisciplinary technology insight to client problems


    Best-in-class expertise

    in the key technologies driving our target markets


    Advanced processes and tools

    enabling the fastest time‑to‑market


    Over 100 000 sq. ft.

    of fully equipped laboratories and prototyping facilities


    A breadth of operations

    to be transferred effectively between sectors