BIOVOTION: The future of digital health devices



    Date of creation 


    $200 Bn

    Potential savings in chronic disease management 


    99.8 %

    of patients' lives take place away from doctors and hospitals 

Capgemini Engineering is helping Biovotion to develop discreet and secure health monitoring solutions, empowering consumers and patients alike to sustain positive lifestyle behaviors and optimize their health.

Accompanying innovation

To transform their insights into reality, young companies need to focus on their core skills and time to market strategy. They need to push forward into uncharted territory, and that calls for additional technical, organizational and regulatory expertise that Capgemini Engineering can provide. We have put our multi-domain experience at Biovotion’s disposal, complementing this dynamic startup’s enthusiasm with qualified, structured teams from the Capgemini Engineering talent pool – enabling Biovotion to focus on what it does best.

Accomplishing our mission

Capgemini Engineering’s innovation and product development center in France has advised Biovotion on user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design for a new generation of mobile applications. In parallel, a team using Agile project management methodologies from our Global Delivery Center in Portugal continuously implements value-added releases of the mobile app and its corresponding cloud integration. Meanwhile, our Swiss team coordinates our contribution at Biovotion’s Swiss headquarters, providing on-site coaching and supporting general system engineering and regulatory compliance for medical devices.

Keys to success


    Actionable insights

    Data with personalized and predictive health models


    Built to grow

    Our hardware is an expandable medical IoT that is open for 3rd party innovation and integration


    Easy to use

    Automatic connection and operation, along with wireless charging