ENGIE: Creating a digital roadmap for industrial assets

Capgemini Engineering is accompanying ENGIE - the global energy player - in the first phase of its Digital Operations Program, analyzing the potential impact of digital transformation on the performance of ENGIE'S industrial assets.


Global warming, climate change and disruptive technologies are transforming the global energy landscape. To stay ahead of this new industrial revolution, ENGIE has made digitization one of its four strategic priorities. It needed an experienced partner to accompany it in its digital transformation: developing a vision and a roadmap for its industrial assets and leading the implementation of that roadmap focused on real operational results and measurable value.

Accomplishing our mission

Capgemini Engineering is providing ENGIE with enhanced consulting services to develop both a digital roadmap and industrial use cases. Together, they will enable ENGIE to develop its current assets into a fleet of augmented assets and into a high‑performance operators’ network functioning in an integrated environment.

Everything we do at ENGIE is guided by three obsessions:

  • positively impacting plant operation and maintenance
  • applying the right design, the right technology and the right science
  • measuring value and performance

Keys to success


    Enhanced operators

    Improving decision‑making, safety and performance


    Augmented assets

    Improving asset efficiency and optimizing asset value through predictive maintenance


    Global intelligence

    Developing efficiency at group level


    A new ecosystem

    Driving digital disruption and establishing new digital standards