OCADO: Next-generation warehouse automation


    1 M

    of grocery items managed in real time 


    1 000

    robots controlled from a single base station 



    the number of movements handled by this solution 

Our radio technology has enabled the online grocer Ocado to build a wireless warehouse automation system that coordinates thousands of fast-moving machines to within a fraction of a second.

Total control

Ocado is the world’s largest online grocer, shipping over 200 000 orders across the UK each week. To accelerate its growth, the company embarked on the development of a groundbreaking warehouse automation solution designed to push the boundaries of efficiency, modularity and scalability. To make it work, Ocado needed a radio control system to manage robots moving around a warehouse at high speed.

Accomplishing our mission

Existing mobile communications technologies did not offer the real-time control or scalability that Ocado needed. We identified that a system based on 4G telecoms technology operating in the Wi-Fi frequency band could do the job, and built the new control system from the ground up. We tested and secured regulatory approval for the system, then supported the Ocado team in integrating the new technology.


The most densely-packed mobile network in the world

Operations Director Mark Richardson and Director of Technology Paul Clarke explain how we helped them take their business to the next level.

Keys to success

  • IOT

    Breakthrough in radio design

    Communication with 1 000 robots 10 times a second


    Scalable solution

    That can be deployed quickly anywhere in the world


    Potential applications

    A system well-suited to a variety of industries