18 M€




    Extra capacity 



    people involved in the project 

The Background

Recipharm has invested 18 million euros on it’s Kaysersberg production site to integrate a new Blow-Fill-Seal high-speed filling and packaging line (manufacturing technique used to produce containers filled with liquid, from small to large volumes) in a very short time.

This investment adds the total number of lines to eight, increasing the facility’s manufacturing capacity by 200 million unidoses/year.

This demanding project, called Optiline was very important for Recipharm, involving new technologies and competencies. It was key to be ready on time for production, while ensuring quality, security requirements, teams appropriation and change management.

Our solution

Our World Class Center for Life Sciences built the people change management roadmap in link with the technical project. Our experts supported Recipharm to identify the change for operators and the impact of this new line & technology in term of human transition and organization. Moreover we defined the necessary documentation and training for the teams to realize their activities while being compliant with quality and regulatory requirements.

The World Class Center defined the roadmap for change management, created communication and training kits, wrote documentation and batch record for the new line, leveraging our world class best practices.

The World Class Center supported the project management for this workstream and animated a global Return on Experience workshop to capitalize on best practices for further investment projects that Recipharm Kaysersberg will have to perform.

When implementing a new production line, the technical and engineering aspects are definitely taken into account. But we can notice that training and change management often remains secondary, while the apprehension of a new work environment by the staff is fundamental. Recipharm Kaysersberg really wanted to ensure that this new line was appropriated by the project teams and the operator. The project was finalized on time and the line ready to start the production Philippe Guyard Director, Business Development & Customer Satisfaction - World Class Center Life Sciences Process Excellence

What do we deliver?

  • Time to product

    with operators ready for the D day

  • Efficiency in routine

    with Lean documentation, batch records and training

  • Best practices for future engineering projects

    including return on experience with the whole project team