Digital Manufacturing Maturity Assessment


The Life Sciences industry is facing major challenges: payers’ pressures to reduce costs, decline in R&D productivity, shift to personalized therapies, fast growing competition of emerging markets… They need to transform production & supply chain to make them more efficient, flexible and agile.

Digital can unlock a new wave of performance improvement for Life Sciences companies:

  • Digitalization helps securing process robustness and proving stability on batch level, as medicine is shifting from the one-drug-fits-all approach towards individualized therapies, and processes need to move from big batches to small ones.
  • Advanced connected solutions can offer a 360-degree view of plant operations with the ability to drill down to any level of detail at any stage of production, to enable tracking & tracing across the whole supply chain.
  • In a strongly regulated environment with stringent constraints on product quality, there is no place for human error. Digital solutions, including IoT, mixed reality and smart automation reduce the risks of human error.


productivity boost when collaborative robotics is implemented


reduction of unplanned downtime of equipment thanks to Industrial IoT solutions


Understanding your Digital Maturity will provide valuable insights and guidelines to your path to digital transformation.

We provide a pharma-specific, manufacturing and technology oriented digital maturity assessment of end-to-end plant operations, assessing the current maturity of the different manufacturing value chain areas, and identifying digital gaps and opportunities for improving their operations through digitalization.

  • We perform an objective and technology-agnostic assessment of the plant from both the operational and technological point of view, using our Pharma Manufacturing specific methodology.
  • We identify the gap between the current digital maturity and the targeted operational capabilities, providing specific guidelines and actionable insights to create a digital manufacturing transformation roadmap.
  • The targeted digital maturity levels for each area and their enabling solutions are structured in a time-phased approach. This considers the strategic ambitions and impact to differentiate the initiatives with rapid implementation time from those to be considered in the longer term.


We support you in the digital transformation of your manufacturing operations to achieve quantified business improvement in your plant.


    We assess the digital maturity of the manufacturing operations across the end-to-end value chain areas. The maturity is referenced to Acatech’s Industry 4.0 Maturity Index to generate comparable findings.


    Focused on the customer´s specific manufacturing value chain and processes, the assessment is performed following the operational thread from different technological angles. Understanding how operations contribute to the value generation is critical to identify how the digital maturity impacts the potential opportunities and increases performance. Our methodology is designed to be delivered in 4 weeks.



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