Digital therapeutics


Digital Therapeutics represent an incredible growth opportunity by empowering patients and healthcare providers to create better outcomes, while reducing costs for payers.

Digital Therapeutics consist of a new category of potentially disruptive technologies, supporting, enhancing or replacing traditional treatments.

They use timely and relevant real-world data, enabling beneficial interactions between patients, caregivers and support networks to permit personalized and human centric treatments with greater transparency and improved outcomes.

Wearables, sensors and mobile technologies intermingling AI with human engagement provide closed-loop feedback that learns, understands, manages and adapts treatments within the complex relationship between human biology, behaviour and environment.


Digital Health investments by 2025


DTx Market CAGR 2019-2025

But challenges remain to unlock the potential of this emerging and rapidly evolving market…

  • An uncertain path forward
    The disruption by DTx is even more complex than digital transformation revolutions in other industries, because it can have a direct impact on our health. The future is abstract and is missing a fundamental ‘concreteness’.
    How should we be preparing for, investing in, and de-risking a future that is impossible to predict, without getting paralyzed?
  • Leveraging data
    We know data is valuable. But how do we capture value from it? What kind of insights matter? Who will benefit from the insights we can derive from our data? How to measure the outcomes and how to monetize it?
  • Regulatory  challenges
    Digital solutions have the ability to get to market very fast… But how do we know we aren’t breaking the rules in a fast changing regulatory environment?
  • Lacking competencies
    The competencies required to design, develop and sustain DTx are not commonly found in Life Sciences and MedTech (e.g. Human centered design, agile development, lean start-up, etc). How to shift our whole approach towards an agile end to end innovation (strategy, design, development and maintenance)?


A scalable, sustainable, secure, human centered and agile end-to-end approach that mitigates risk with real world feedback along the way.

In the uncharted landscape of Digital Therapeutics, a big-bang strategy with heavy planning, long development cycles and huge investments increases the risks of missing rapidly moving targets.

Successful pioneers explore, map and expand territory in the DTx landscape through agile iterative real-world experimentation.

We support our clients along each step of their end-to-end journey, getting them to market quickly and safely with DTx creating value in the therapy areas they serve.


Digital Therapeutics, from strategy to operation.
Accelerate business in DTx with confidence, by addressing the opportunities of highest relevance fast while minimizing the risk.


    Take the right decisions fast, based on an action plan of testable hypotheses.

    • DTx strategy is achieved through an in-depth, human centered analysis of the healthcare system and markets
    • We co-create a vision for DTx, a business case (including data monetization), roadmap and pilots along with an assessment of our client organization’s readiness to deliver DTx

    Develop certified, sustainable and scalable DTx solutions incorporating SOFTWARE AS A MEDICAL DEVICE.

    • We provide DTx solution design & development leveraging a human centered and agile software process that produces the real world evidence necessary to de-risk the path to market, delight customers and end users
    • Leveraging deep domain expertise and extensive multi-disciplinary capabilities in system engineering, medical devices, UI/UX, mobile medical apps, …
    • We support our clients on global certification of Software as a Medical Device if required

    Accelerate your deployment and ensure interoperability, openness and flexibility for current and future market needs.

    • A secure and scalable open end-to end architecture with modular blocks (sensors, analytics, standardized interfaces, micro services…)
    • Technology and brand agnostic solution allowing full customization to client needs
    • Accelerated deployment and easy integration with 3rd party systems and with the possibility to manage it for our clients




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