Health, Safety & Environment

We improve your compliance with Environment, Health & Safety regulations by linking legal requirements with technical solutions and behavioral insights to reduce accidents and create a sustainable and safer work environment.

Why you need it

As an organisation you care about the Health & Safety of your people. Also you want to make sure that your company passes well regulatory inspections.
In order to create a safety culture you would like to train your employees, take all steps to prevent injuries and make the link between regulation and technical solutions to reduce accidents.

Our team shares the same passion for health and safety challenges! Anne Deroulers Team Leader

What it does

  • Assessment: analysis of Health & Safety legal compliance and defining improvement actions (engineering changes on equipment, documentation, organisation…)
  • Training
  • Implementation & Change Management: We tailor our solutions to the customer need. We combine expertise about Environmental, Health & Safety regulations with Technical Engineering expertise for on the field solutions, behavior analysis and change management.

Our key assets



    Safety Assessment in Explosive Atmospheres (battery charging rooms, paint shop, chemical substances storage…) including creation of an Explosion Protection Document


    Machine Risk

    Assessment to reduce number of accidents by looking at machine safety


    Proactive Safety Culture

    Reduce number of accidents by working on people behavior