Manufacturing 4.0

Thanks to our operational expertise in a broad range of industries, deep knowledge of emerging technologies and innovation methodologies, we can deliver quantified improvements in your manufacturing performance.

Why you need it

Industry is set for a real revolution. The arrival of digital technologies has led to reviewing the whole production system, and even the way products are designed.

The Germans call it industry 4.0, the Americans smart manufacturing, and in France it is known as the “industry of the future”. Whatever term is used, the idea is the same: industry is at the dawn of a major revolution.

What it does

Our Manufacturing 4.0 offer consists in a blend of consulting and engineering services which provide not only business and technology advisory about advanced manufacturing technologies but also implementation of new processes and solutions on the shopfloor.

It is organized around 4 main areas of focus: Connected factory, Smart factory, Digital & Virtual Factory, Advanced Manufacturing technologies.

Manufacturing 4.0

Factories of the future

Capgemini Engineering leverages multi-domain knowledge, technological expertise and innovative thinking to reinvent the manufacturing process.


  • Connected factory

    In a world where machines are massively communicating with each other and with their surrounding environments, every industrial organization needs to develop its ability to handle, organize and transform fast moving sets of data into meaningful insight. Capgemini Engineering helps you deliver superior performance by connecting operators, machines and processes.

  • Smart factory

    With an estimated 2,5 Exabytes of data created everyday and the increase in connectivity of all factory processes, the ability to organize and transform varied data into business insight is a competitive advantage.

    Capgemini Engineering creates meaningful insights about your production based on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

  • Digital & virtual factory

    With new data input and output we need to think a new way to interact with machines and factory environment by creating new interfaces which will facilitate workers’ job and improve their productivity.

    Capgemini Engineering helps you optimize interactions with machines and factory environment through innovative software solutions

  • Advanced manufacturing technologies

    With higher standards and demand growth, advanced technologies are becoming the ultimate solution to get quantitative and qualitative production improvements.

    Capgemini Engineering helps you increase productivity and flexibility with next generation technologies: collaborative robotics, additive layer manufacturing, advanced materials, etc.

Our key assets

  • Altran_SOLUTIONS

    Extensive knowledge

    of our customers' manufacturing operations


    Technological expertise

    Access to a broad range of technological expertise


    Strong R&D focus