Software Quality

Scalable, affordable, flexible, lean and pain-free software quality.

Why you need it

Is your software development team overloaded by new requests and supporting issues? Are you aware of the risks when releasing? Is your product lacking agility towards market demand? Do you feel without control of your release plan? Is your software design team challenged by a quality counterpart? Our Software Quality and Test Automation is the solution to tackle your unanswered questions.

What it does

Through a focus on business value and risk, the best test strategy is defined. In a scalable way, continuous integration and test automation are deployed to continuously and consistently improve the software quality. Capgemini Engineering, as an external partner for your automated functional and acceptance testing of products, increases user satisfaction. By outsourcing these services we can provide flexible teams that can scale quickly depending on project need. Through cross industry experience, our teams brings expertise from multiple domains to the project.
Hence, our software quality will ensure a faster development cycle, minimizing risks at product deployment and meeting your market window.

Our key assets



    Flexible step by step approach



    Automated end to end testing of devices



    Full quality software transparency