Vertically integrated business models are a thing of the past. In the competitive new telecom ecosystem, customers are forcing operators to boost network capacity and connectivity.



    The multiplication of Global mobile data traffic between 2016 and 2021 


    50 Bn

    connected things by 2020 



    forecast introduction of full, mass market 5G coverage 


Traditional telecoms operators are at a crossroads. On the one hand, they have seen new OTT services develop lucrative new markets using their networks without sharing the corresponding economic gains. On the other, the cost of maintaining those networks will soon be multiplied with the deployment of the new 5G standard and IoT support. Increasingly, industry players are seeking to develop additional revenue sources in the unfamiliar domain of applications and software services.


  • Telecom services (R&D and networks)

    Our expertise covers the full Telecom lifecycle, including R&D and network consulting and services:

    • Product & System Development
    • Product & System Verification
    • Network Excellence (Legacy Fixed / Mobile technologies, 2G/3G & 4G)
    • Advanced Networks (4G+, SDN/NFV, Telco Cloud, 5G)
  • OTT & Internet services

    We have developed key skills in Connected TV/Video and Multimedia, OTT content management, Digital services and mobile applications:

    • Innovation & Design
    • Multimedia, Video, Connected TV
    • Digital applications, including Mobile and new OTT services
  • IoT & Analytic services

    VueForge® is our end-to-end solution to support companies in transforming their business and organization: connecting machines, objects, people and environments and harnessing data to create value for business:

    • Vueforge® IoT Solutions
    • Analytics


dedicated specialists worldwide

Our expertise centers

  • Agility to boost your projects

    Our Agile methodologies are based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functionnal teams.

Our case studies


Vodafone and Capgemini Engineering are working together to transform Milan into the capital of 5G

Capgemini Engineering is among those to have received an appointment to develop and test applications and services for the Vodafone 5G trial in Milan that exploit the potential of next-generation, 5G technology. Vodafone selected Capgemini Engineering as a partner for its strong know-how in system integration & software development, its drive towards innovation, its huge experience in such industries as automotive and entertainment and its long track record for successful project implementations. The goal is to demonstrate concretely how ubiquitous ultra-fast 5G connectivity can enhance healthcare, traffic, tourism and emergency services in Milan, an international hub with smart city ambitions.

IoT solutions

Nokia and Capgemini Engineering team up to address the IoT market

Nokia and Capgemini Engineering partnered to provide Industrial IoT solutions to their customers.


World Class Center Advanced Networks

Our experts bring unique expertise to your network transformation projects, designing and integrating complex new network technologies.

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Our key assets in Telecom & Media


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    Wide range of clients

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