Why you cannot miss the 2021 New Horizons Series

As 2020 drew to a close, JP Morgan asked a pertinent question – Have consumer spending habits changed for good as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic? The investment bank found that while some products experienced meteoric demand, some suffered double digit declines. There was of course one clear winner. The internet. Overnight people flocked to shop, meet, study and work online. Businesses with a strong digital footprint thrived.

And now as economies emerge, slowly but surely from the pandemic, businesses are looking to strengthen their online footprint and accelerate on their digital journey because customer could be ready to splurge. A study from The Brookings Institution estimates that owing to lockdowns there could be a 10-20% spike in savings in U.S. and Western European households, and most customers are in a strong position to spend.

A race against time

To meet this exponential demand and to face the new the post-Covid economic reality, enterprises have dramatically changed their R&D priorities. They have undergone a significant transformational shift and are now racing to adopt new technologies and invest in digital solutions leveraging Cloud, Intelligent Automation, 5G, and IOT to fast-track their go to market strategy. As a result, ER&D service companies are seeing increased traction.

And ER&D is at the heart of the post-Covid recovery for many businesses. Why? Large engineering deals being signed amidst the pandemic is testimony to the increasing value being placed on outsourcing relationships. It is also testament to the importance of ER&D outsourcing. Yet challenges remain.

In this context, Capgemini Engineering, recognized as the leader of this market by multiple industry analysts (the leader of Everest top 50 Engineering services companies 2021 globally, and ‘Industry Leader’ by Zinnov Engineering and Research & Development (ER&D), and Internet of Things (IoT) Services) is mobilizing its unique network of experts to offer a compelling panorama of the new horizons of engineering.

For engineers from engineers

Gone are the days when critical engineering decisions were solely resting on the shoulders of CIOs and CTOs. Engineering is at the heart of today’s businesses, playing a critical role in every facet of technology. To help businesses discover the real solutions to the most demanding ER&D challenges, Capgemini Engineering is launching a unique series of webinars – the 2021 New Horizons Tour.

  • What would clean transportation actually mean?
  • What are the practical use cases for 5G?
  • How to work around the chip shortage – successfully?
  • How do you become a software company – and thrive?
  • Can anyone become cloud-native?
  • Will anyone really lead the promising biopharmaceuticals market?
  • Can you – or your customers – trust AI in engineering?
  • What makes an intelligent train?
  • Is smart manufacturing smarter with the cloud?
  • What’s the real future for drones?

So, if you want to learn how to leverage ER&D to enhance the future of digital transformation and experience or build a multi-hub strategy or perhaps how to navigate the current turbulent business conditions – no matter what role you play – the New Horizons Series is for you.  The tour will bring insights from across the industries and expertise domains on all those topics.

A new horizon

We will bring you the most exciting topics that offer value, give you a glimpse of new technologies and share with you the latest engineering practices that can foster innovation to help your business build a better future. I hope you can be a part of the New Horizons Series from Capgemini Engineering. Here’s a glimpse of what’s in store

Design-to-cost of breakthrough smart medical devices

Frugal and agile Open Innovation to design breakthrough & affordable smart medical devices complying with the highest standards of industrialization & regulatory compliance


Mehdi BENCHOUFI -EchOpen | Agnes FRITSCH | Corinne JOUANNY

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Cloud Native Solutions
 Innovate with lightning-fast scalability & adaptability


Pedro COSTA | Patricio FERNANDES


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Industry Rendezvous with H2
How Hydrogen can claim its place as a clean source of energy for sustainable mobility

Pierre CRESPI – Airliquide | Jean Luc CHABAUDIE


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Capgemini 5G Lab in Mumbai
Your gateway to the intelligent industry


Fotis KARONIS | Franck GREVERIE | William ROZÉ |Ashwin YARDI | Monika GUPTA

June 22nd  – 2:30 – 3:30 PM CEST | 8:30 – 9:30 AM EDT

AUTONOMOUS MOBILITY – How engineering approach can tackle ADAS and autonomous driving developments?

What are the next steps towards fully autonomous cars and what are the remaining challenges to address for full scale new autonomous mobility?


Oussama BEN MOUSSA | Jean-Baptiste MONET

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Trust in AI

AI is a technical concept – Trust is a human one. What are the best practices to engineer trust for AI driven decisions?



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MEETING THE URGENCY OF THE ENERGY TRANSITION – Leading digitalization at speed and scale
Exchange with leading digital Energy players


Olivier RENVOISÉ – Engie | Bruno GÉRARD – Envision | Frederic DABE | Jeroen DE JONG

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Biopharmaceutical manufacturing 5.0: France First?
Leveraging digitalization to improve the performance of the Biopharma industry


Jacques VOLCKMANN – Sanofi | Valérie SAUTEREY  | Stéphane THERY | Patrick CHAREYRE, PhD                                             

July 8th – 4:00 PM CEST | 10:00 AM EDT

Intelligent train ready is here

Ready to go for a digital transformation!

Speakers : Luc Laroche – SNCF | Craig Murdie | Morgane Bogard

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Drones opening new horizons – Leveraging drones as a service across industries

Drones are opening new horizons in unexpected areas, discover how Capgemini Engineering and its partner tackle the challenges to leverage these technologies


Jean-Patrick MASCOMÈRE – TotalEnergies | Jean-Frédéric RÉAL – Scalian | Pierre-Louis LAURENT

July 13th – 5:00 PM CEST | 11:00 AM EDT

5G  Private networks

How to leverage Private 5G solutions to build innovative use cases for enterprises-


Masood UL AMIN 

July 15th

Demystifying fab migration:

Solutions for addressing industry-wide-industry chip shortages



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Software the new driver for automotive

By 2030, 90% of automotive vehicle innovations will be software related- How is the industry preparing for this paradigm shift?