Product Lifecyle Management

The product value stream is the base of our methodology:

  • Market development (market watch, innovation management, product portfolio and roadmap management)
  • Product development (design and engineering, project management))
  • Product delivery (supply chain, manufacture and build)
  • Client services (distribution and support)

Why you need it?

When the operational experience is a key factor
Framing, Specifications, new methodologies, Qualification, Training & Change management, Support…

When the PLM has to cover a new functional perimeter
System Engineering, Lifecycle Management application, Services management, Suppliers management, Quality management…

When the PLM is a part of a transformation process
New methodologies, New organization, New business model, New geographical layout…

What it does?

From ideation to market, our PLM approach helps you:

  • Define
  • Design
  • Build
  • Validate
  • Deploy
  • Support

Our key assets

  • Cross industry expertise

    Leveraging its unique expertise acquired in developping the most innovative solutions from areas such as Aerospace, Automotive, Energy and Transports, Capgemini Engineering can solve the complex problems facing any industrial or service sector market player.

  • Idea to market