Did you know – Shift happened

Did you know - Shift happened introduced the presentation of Capgemini engineering's new Strategic Plan: The High Road, Capgemini engineering 2022

Find out how fast the world is accelerating in this powerful video highlighting the great industrial challenges the world is facing, and how Capgemini engineering addresses them with its new strategic plan The High Road, Capgemini engineering 2022.


Did you know - Shift happened

Transcript of the video

Did you know…that the world is living a new equilibrium

There are more engineers on the planet… than total labour force in North America… and still, shortage of skilled engineers is one of the factors restricting global growth…

In that context of talent scarcity, 80% of the new engineering graduates come from Asia and Eastern Europe…

There are more people in India with high IQ… than the total active population of the USA…

And for every 1 baby born in the United States of America, they are 7 in India.


Did you know… that the way we work is changing

The amount of technical information is doubling every year.

So, for engineers starting a 3 year degree… half of what they learn in their first year is outdated before they graduate

in 2017, 1 out of 4  Millennial left their job…

a ratio 3 times higher than non-Millennials


Did you know… that the world is accelerating

The number 1 spender in R&D in 2011 is now number 12… Meanwhile, Amazon – the new number 1 – increased its R&D spending 10-fold, up to 23 billion $ a year…

70% of CEOs set Innovation as their top priority….yet only 16% of them believe their company is stronger than peers on that field

50% of the once-Fortune 500 which were removed from the list since 2000 blamed the Digital revolution


Did you know… that we live in exponential times

If the time humankind lived in this world were reduced to a day, the last 2 seconds would have generated 90% of its data.

In 10 seconds, the amount of data that humanity create is 1000 times the data stored in the world’s largest Library

5G will allow you to download a 2 hour high-definition movie in less than 2 seconds

By 2020, 5G will connect more than 30 billion smart devices, by 2030, the numbers will grow to 115 billion.

That’s why the 5G market is expected to grow at a ~100% CAGR by 2025


Did you know… that the times they are a-changin

5% of cars sold in 2017 in USA/Europe and China are electric or Hybrid… this will be 60% in 5 years… and 95% by 2030…

Software is REALLY eating the planet : a fully autonomous car would have 1 Billion lines of code… half of Google’s entire code base

18 million of these cars with a self-learning AI will be sold worldwide in 2030

R&D spending on software grew 65% over the last 5 years… and 75% of the ER&D services growth by 2022 will come from embedded and software engineering


Did you know… that size matters

There are over 100,000 ER&D service providers on the planet…

The “1 Billion” club counted only 1 member in 2010… Now have 10…

The “2 Billion” club only had 1 member in 2017… And soon will have 4 members…

Since the ER&D services market inception 35 years ago, the world leader has always been… Capgemini engineering…

Which just created the “3 Billion” club.


…so what does all that mean?

Shift happened