Finding value in connected health solutions

The healthcare landscape has been changing over the past few years, spurred on by the shift to value-based care, the dizzying speed of technological advancement, and the focus on patient-centric solutions. These factors are forcing a convergence among all aspects of care – pharma with drug delivery and medication adherence programs, medtech with evermore complex software and data management, and everyone with big data and analytics are just a few examples. As if these disruptive changes aren’t enough – consumerization, gamification, and the connectedness of everything (the Internet of Things -IoT) are having a huge impact on how we all expect to interact and engage with all aspects of healthcare.

All this has given rise to a new ecosystem model for healthcare – connected health. There is real opportunity for those pharma, medtech, and HIT companies who embrace the business model changes required to thrive in this ecosystem – and real danger of being relegated to commoditized niche players for those that don’t.


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Finding value in connected health solutions