Additive manufacturing or 3D printing offer a means of radically improving product time to market, along with the economics and environmental impact of manufacturing.

Why you need it

Our partner Divergent3D is focused on radically transforming the economics and adverse environmental impact of designing and manufacturing complex structures such as cars. A global leader in its field, it has successfully developed proprietary 3D metal printing proven in the highly demanding automotive OEM market. This innovative production process reduces the environmental damage caused by cars, radically lowers capital costs for design and manufacturing and dramatically increases innovation.

What it does

Divergent3D has created a radical new software-hardware platform enabled by 3D printing. This innovative tool enables us to design and manufacture super-efficient cars at a fraction of the capital and operating costs of traditional manufacturing technologies. As its Strategic Development Partner, Capgemini Engineering is accompanying Divergent3D in bringing this revolutionary new technology to the marketplace.


Kick-starting innovation

A revolutionary platform that reduces both capital costs and environmental impact.

Our key assets


    Working with OEMs

    To implement and license the Divergent Manufacturing Platform™.


    Facilitating low-cost production

    Enabling small teams to design, build and scale customized vehicle structures near local markets.


    Reducing environmental damages