IoT promises to enhance customer relationships, drive business growth and revolutionize industrial performance. In this evolving ecosystem, businesses need partners who combine technical expertise with domain knowledge, innovation and industrial scalability.


    50 Bn

    connected devices by 2020 


    $120 Bn

    market in 2016 


    $3.9–11.1 Tn

    Total potential economic impact per year in 2025 

Meeting the challenge

The IoT revolution is transforming businesses and organizations. By connecting machines, objects, people and the environment, it is harnessing data to create new value for companies, employees and customers. Our World Class Center for IoT & Edge Computing gathers a unique expertise on the whole technology value chain to support customers in reaping all the benefits of the IoT and big data revolution. It develops, integrates and operates end-to-end IoT solutions, including connectivity, platforms and applications.

The partner of choice

As an expert in the whole IoT technology chain, the WCC provides both off‑the‑shelf solutions for accelerated time to market or customized ones answering specific project needs. We leverage the experience gained in hundreds of IoT projects deployed across industries with both Fortune 500 companies and the most innovative start-ups to advise, engineer and operate your IoT projects.

World Class Centers

Reaping the benefits

Our World Class Center for IoT Solutions is a key contributor to VueForge®, our end-to-end offer that enables IoT & Data driven transformation.

Our key offers

Technology Consulting on IoT Solutions
Delivering customized benchmarks and recommendations, to ensure that you select the right IoT ecosystem for your project

End-to-end IoT Applications
Delivering turnkey IoT applications including specifications, validation, deployment and support for both in-house and third-party technologies

Developing customized IoT Solutions
Customizing networks, platforms and business applications based either on our own IPs or third-party technologies

  • A smart device to treat diabetes

    We designed and customized the full back-end of Diabeloop’s artificial pancreas, retrieving and storing patient data, then creating different views and applications for patients, doctors and nurses to adjust and apply insulin doses delivered by the system

  • The connected operator

    Our smart coat is connected through wide area networks to a central back-end, where information on workers’ position, movements and health parameters can be monitored in real time in order to prevent health problems, enable fast intervention in case of accidents, improve working conditions, and productivity.

  • Industrial Asset Tracking

    Based on an advanced LoRA implementation our complete scalable solution enables the indoor geolocalization of tools and people in real time.

  • Product Movement Tracking Platform

    Our customized solution enables stocks to be monitored in real time to optimize the supply chain, and also in stores to identify popular models.

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