Universal CPE Framework

Capgemini Engineering offers a comprehensive & flexible Universal CPE Framework that contains
uCPE-OS, Central Orchestrator & an Enterprise Self Care Portal.

Capgemini Engineering uCPE-OS can run on any white-box server and can support multi-VIM environments (OpenStack, Kubernetes, etc.). It provides open interfaces that can be integrated with a wide variety of third-party VNF. Capgemini Engineering uCPE-OS is a futuristic
platform which supports Virtual Machine based VNFs as well as Container based CNFs. Its unique plugin-based architecture allows it to be flexible enough to ensure quick integration of any upcoming VNF, CNF, VIM or Orchestrator. ZTP (Zero Touch
Provisioning) allows the user to provision the uCPE Services without any manual intervention through an Enterprise Self-Care Portal.

Capgemini Engineering Orchestrator is a generic framework for managing the orchestration and lifecycle of any VNF. It supports multiple VIM interfaces including multiple flavors of OpenStack, VMWare vCloud Director and Kubernetes.

Enterprise Self Care Portal provides intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to service providers and the customers to select and configure the services for the Enterprise CPE.

Universal CPE Framework

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