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Our mission is to make the world technologically better and safer. To achieve this, we need people with vision.

As part of the management team in the Capgemini Engineering cosmos, you’ll proactively develop our vision and strategy. Your many years of experience in engineering and consulting have given you a good grasp of the markets and you are dedicated to continually developing them. You engage in dialogue with colleagues, generating impetus, setting ambitious targets for yourself and others, and leading and motivating by example.
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  1. Overall strategic responsibility for your area
  2. Sparring partner for senior management in achieving company goals
  3. Ongoing personal and technical development in your field of expertise


Dr. Alexander Bödcher has been part of the Capgemini Engineering team for over 12 years, and he’s right at home in the aerospace sector. His career also took off like a rocket, and he has risen to become the cross-industry Global Program Director.

In my 12 years at Capgemini Engineering I've been part of a great many things – including my current responsibility for a budget of over €200 million. Dr. Alexander Bödcher Global Program Director at Capgemini Engineering
Alexander, how did you come to join Capgemini Engineering?

I studied engineering with a specialisation in production and automation at the University of Kaiserslautern. After doing my PhD in HMI design, I came across Capgemini Engineering at a careers fair in 2007. I was fascinated by the opportunities the company had to offer, and I knew I wanted to join as a consultant.

How did your career at Capgemini Engineering develop?

In my 12 years at Capgemini Engineering I’ve been part of a great many things. It started with my first project as a quality and project manager in semiconductor manufacturing. I’ve been on various training courses to expand my knowledge, and now I’m responsible for a project budget of around €200 million. A huge part of this development was thanks to my mentors and coaches, who always shared valuable tips to make my path a little smoother.

After a number of years in operational consulting I took on more and more management responsibilities, and finally I became an industry director, which gave me the chance to get to know and develop a range of areas. It’s great that Capgemini Engineering enabled me to make this cross-industry change. With my academic training as a solid background, along with a little curiosity, openness and initiative, I’ve got to grips with the specifics of the various individual industries. Since 2019, as Program Director I’ve held responsibility for all projects in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia and I’m responsible for their profitability. This includes technical responsibility for about 100 project managers.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Entrepreneurial thinking and strategy implementation, without a doubt! At Capgemini Engineering you’re an entrepreneur within an enterprise and you can turn your ideas and visions into reality. You’re trusted to proactively translate the corporate strategy into specific goals, to shape your own domain and give it a face, in keeping with our motto of “everything is possible”. Designing these processes and strategies also requires a lot of empathy and good communication, which can be challenging. I go from meetings with colleagues to internal and customer meetings on a daily basis. I continually have to adopt different roles, while remaining authentic and showing responsibility.

What motivates you most when you arrive at work in the morning?

Firstly, the variety of the job is hugely enjoyable. At Capgemini Engineering we’re given the opportunity to get to know lots of different customers. Every project involves a completely new environment with new people, technical processes, cultures and challenges.

Secondly, it’s the people around me. There’s an impressive working atmosphere and team spirit, and a unique diversity: you meet very different individuals in a wide range of roles. Every time I worked with other consultants on a project in a new city, a brilliant community emerged. Then we got together in the evenings to go out for a meal or do sports together. So there’s a friendship that ties me to many of my colleagues – we make a good team. This team spirit has always been encouraged by Capgemini Engineering. If you’ve got a great idea for an activity, Capgemini Engineering will provide the tools to make it happen.