At Capgemini Engineering you not only steer your own career, you steer the technology of tomorrow on to a sound trajectory. You could make our roads safer with driverless cars or make the air we breathe cleaner with electric mobility.

Your personal career track at Capgemini Engineering will define your role, so that you can bring about these changes: do you want to become a technical specialist or would you rather take responsibility for a team at an early stage in your career and deliver demanding projects for leading OEMs with motivation and enthusiasm? As a doer, you can go beyond what you think is your full potential. Take the first step and apply here now!



  1. Technical / disciplinary responsibility as technical expert / team leader
  2. Operational management on international and long-term projects and consultancy
  3. Opportunities to make a difference and work autonomously in an inspiring working environment


After studying astrophysics in her native France,
Dr. Coralie Jung, 40, started her career in Germany in 2008. She discovered a subsidiary of Capgemini Engineering at a careers fair and joined the company as a consultant. Now she is a manager in Autonomous Mobility at Capgemini Engineering.

I like the flexibility that Capgemini Engineering offers me: I can work internationally, for example with teams from my home country of France, but as a parent I can also balance work and family. Dr. Coralie Jung Team Manager at Capgemini Engineering
Coralie, how did your career develop at Capgemini Engineering?

After joining the company as a consultant, I was able to put the skills I gained from my PhD in image and signal processing to direct practical use and learn the ropes of various industries. To start with, we did a research project for a customer to check the authenticity of banknotes. Then I began to focus on the automotive sector. Why? Here, we work on the future of mobility – autonomous vehicles. And that’s really exciting! Over the years I’ve also taken on more and more management responsibility. I’ve held various positions, first as team lead and now as manager of the Computer Vision and Sensor Model team.

What does your day-to-day work involve?

We work on reference systems for functions in autonomous vehicles, for example using sensors to monitor surroundings. The idea is to create a virtual image of where the vehicle is moving. I’m responsible for more than 20 people and every day is different: I juggle customer meetings, project work, staff issues, budget, annual planning and much more besides. As the mother of two children, sometimes it’s by no means easy. But it’s a lot of fun – and I relish a challenge!

How do you balance family and career?

The flexibility at Capgemini Engineering makes it possible. I’m fortunate enough to be given the time and space I need – as long as I deliver the expected results.  And when things get stressful, the thing that keeps me going is my team. I love the collaboration between us and I want my team to be successful in their projects and be able to fulfil their potential. I love the fact that I can contribute to that. In a sense, I’m a bit like a mother to my team. My team is my motivation!

Have you had a favourite project at Capgemini Engineering?

The thing I always enjoy is seeing our ideas become reality in our customers’ products, because we’re often involved in the projects from the earliest concept to the point at which they go into series production. For example, I was once responsible for developing the software for a panoramic view camera used in park assist technology. I had the idea of integrating visible yellow markings into the image. It was incorporated into the vehicle software just as I envisaged it – that makes you proud!

What makes working for Capgemini Engineering in Germany so special?

I love working in this international organisation. I can initiate cross-border projects and create synergies, for example with my Capgemini Engineering colleagues in my home country of France. We want to increasingly share our skills and knowledge and tackle projects together. It goes without saying that here in Munich we are a very international team and we learn a lot from each other. This diversity enriches more than just our day-to-day work: for example, we started a tradition whereby everyone brings a dish from their home country to share with everyone at lunchtime.