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  1. A diverse range of responsibilities, varied projects and professional development opportunities in high-tech engineering
  2. Active involvement in technological progress
  3. Great team spirit including team-building exercises and corporate events


Markus, 27, studied automotive engineering in Berlin and wanted to specialise in driver assistance systems. So in 2018 he applied to Capgemini Engineering and started his career at our Wolfsburg office in Germany, where the focus of his work is on future technologies such as autonomous vehicles and smart parking and manoeuvring systems.

We're doers, we're passionate about engineering and we're open to new challenges. Every role here demands a different set of skills – and I love that variety! Markus Witt Consultant at Capgemini Engineering
Markus, what was it like to start your career with Capgemini Engineering?

My first project was in function development. It was a great opportunity to familiarise myself with the field. Here we work on things like park assist technology – you drive past a parking space and the assistant guides you into it. There’s no need to apply the brake or accelerator or change gears. The assistant can also be controlled with your smartphone. Our team of 13 people developed a parking and manoeuvring function to the point where it was ready for series production. I had a lot of autonomy and shortly after that I led my own park assist project. I was able to develop very quickly – after a short time I was promoted from junior consultant to consultant.

How did Capgemini Engineering support your development?

The more responsibility I was given, the more I rose to the challenge. I love tackling new tasks – I ask my supervisor to send them my way. His support is very constructive. For example, with Capgemini Engineering I completed five training courses in two years. It was great because I was able to apply my knowledge directly in my day-to-day project work. My new scrum skills proved especially useful because for me these relate not just to the actual software development but to the way we work as a team. My philosophy is that everyone should have as much autonomy as possible while still receiving the support they need from the team.

What exactly is your role in the project?

The current focus is on requirements engineering, which means writing specifications. We do concrete specification work, identifying all the requirements that the park assist system must meet to ensure it does what the customer wants, satisfies the quality standards and complies with legal requirements. We also have a lot of interfaces with other system partners who take care of the brakes, the engine and so on. I really enjoy this networked approach.

What makes it easy to be successful at Capgemini Engineering while enjoying your work?

What makes the work here so special is the team spirit. Whenever anyone has a problem we help each other out, not just within our own projects but across project teams. It’s great to see how we all learn and grow every day, and the way that I can share my knowledge with other people and they come to me for advice. That motivates me every day. I’m not the kind of person who hunkers down at the computer and wants to solve problems alone. I love sharing ideas, discussing things and looking for solutions together. You can do that every day here. And it goes beyond office hours as well, for example at our after-work events and team workshops. This brings us closer together as a team.


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