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Tightened legal standards, the rise of electric mobility and the use of new materials are driving vehicle development forward. Innovative simulations and effective test procedures are becoming increasingly important. Capgemini Engineering offers the complete range of passive safety solutions from one source, from engineering, simulation, testing to test equipment.



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Vehicle safety requirements are becoming increasingly complex: the use of ultra-lightweight structures and new materials is becoming more widespread in development in order to significantly reduce the weight of vehicles and thus achieve greater energy efficiency.  Virtual development and simulation are required to shorten innovation cycles and reduce costs. As an experienced R&D partner in this field, we are there for our clients to find solutions within the framework of global legislation and consumer protection requirements to keep them one step ahead of their competitors.


Our comprehensive offers from one source

At Capgemini Engineering, we strive to constantly develop and refine the features of passive safety for a safer future on the way to Vision Zero in order to reduce or completely avoid the consequences of accidents. As a complete offer for holistic passive safety, we provide engineering, virtual simulation, testing in our own laboratories and test equipment from a single source – from dummy calibration to complete vehicle crashes. With development and test centers in Austria, Germany, the USA and Canada, we help vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and institutions to ensure the greatest possible safety for vehicle occupants and less protected road users. We minimize iteration loops in development with a maximum of innovative methods both in terms of our approach and our processes. Our Microsys systems have proven themselves worldwide in the development and testing of passive safety features on components and complete vehicles or in the field of airbag and belt testing. With SureFire, Capgemini Engineering is the global market leader for airbag testing. With many years of experience in the testing and validation of materials, components and car bodies, we are a proven partner of well-known OEMs, Tier 1s and statutory testing institutes.


Our key offers


We offer all the necessary know-how for simulation, engineering and testing and apply these skills not only in our own engineering centers but also at our clients’ sites. We cover strength analysis, crash calculation and component design as well as special know-how in all necessary process steps, from function optimization, material card and model creation to project management. We test the material behaviour during highly dynamic processes and in extended temperature ranges and are familiar with all worldwide applicable standards for passenger and pedestrian protection.


Simulation and virtual tests in vehicle development help to reduce the testing effort and prototype costs and enable a faster market launch. Equipped with the necessary hardware and software to meet all current OEM requirements in-house, we deliver reliable virtual simulation tests with technical expertise in the field of vehicle safety. Our team works with methods developed in-house to perform simulations faster and more accurately, especially in the area of pedestrian protection. In addition, we have our own high-performance data center to perform the respective calculations in-house.


From airbag testing to pedestrian protection, we offer a comprehensive range of passive safety tests. Flexible test configurations and variable impactors allow maximum individualization. The component and principle tests provide meaningful results and reduce your development efforts for components or complete systems.

We have the following facilities at our locations:

Universal Impactor Test System
FMH, FGS Head, Upper Leg, Linear Impactor, Flex PLI, aPLI, TRL leg, Ejection Mitigation, H pendelum, Bodyblock, Misuse
Barrier Trolley
Drop pendulum system
Bumper pendulum
US Part 581, CMVSS 215, ECE-R42, GB 17354, AIS-006, KMVSS Art. 93, GOS 41
Static Rollover System
FMVSS 301, FMVSS 305
Low Speed Crash System
ECE-R42, US PART 581, (CMVSS 215), IIHS, RCAR and Allianz Tests
Individual systems
Fixed barriers. Laboratory equipment, Side pole test system, Side slides, Airbag Testing, Dynamic Rollover System, Roof load tests, etc.


We offer an extensive range of test equipment for passive safety. Our test systems are not only available for testing in our own locations, but are also produced and offered as tailor-made equipment for our clients according to the principle “from user to user”. The test systems are used daily in our own test laboratories within the framework of vehicle development projects by our own development engineers and are continuously improved based on this experience. Many of the European vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers are our regular clients.

Airbag Test Equipment: Airbag and Crash Test Equipment, Airbag Inflator Test Equipment, Seatbelt Pretensior Test Equipment, Data Analysis
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Impactor Test Equipment: Universal Impact System 

Full vehicle Test Equipment: Bumper pendulum, Barrier Trolley, Static Rollover system, Side Pole and Drop Tower Test System, Customized Test Equipment (Low Speed Crash System, Dynamic Rollover)

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