Plan to help vulnerable groups against Covid-19






    social, business and government partners 




The Capgemini Engineering Foundation, through its integral plan against the Covid-19, carries out with its volunteers 6 solidarity projects aimed at improving the working conditions of medical professionals, the elderly, children at risk of social exclusion and the foundations that help the most vulnerable people.


Since the beginning of the crisis caused by the Covid-19, the Capgemini Engineering Foundation and its volunteers have promoted and developed an Integral Plan aimed at helping the most vulnerable groups in this crisis. A competition of ideas was launched to develop high impact projects that, together with the initiatives that have emerged in parallel, give rise to a plan that is constantly evolving and open to new initiatives.

The cooperation is being carried out by a team of more than 300 Capgemini Engineering-employed volunteers throughout Spain; in turn, there is collaboration with the Capgemini Engineering Group and numerous entities, among which are

Public Administrations: Autonomous Communities of Madrid, Andalusia, Castile and Leon and Catalonia.
Clients/partners: SEAT, Navantia, UPM, HP, UCA, COTEC, CATEC Foundation, etc.
Third Sector: Spanish Red Cross, Spanish Association of Foundations, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Orange, Fundación Vodafone, Fundación Lealtad, Makers Covid-19 Community, ComGo, etc.


  • 3D printing for the manufacture of medical equipment


    More than 12,000 face shields have been produced (Cadiz, Seville and Madrid) in collaboration with Navantia, the Andalusian Regional Government, CATEC Foundation and the Community of Madrid, and 425 pieces for respirators with the catalonian government. The company is also collaborating with SEAT on the design of 3D face shields in Barcelona. At the same time, efforts are being made with other partners in other medical fields.

  • Application of technology to detect or predict Covid-19


    A proposal based on Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics on “Federated Machine Vision for Covid-19 diagnostic support” is being developed, with other partners in the technological field having been incorporated and consolidating the use case models with various public entities.

  • Support for the elderly


    In collaboration with the Spanish Red Cross, we have so far delivered 203 letters of support for older people and we are conducting telephone assistance for 175 older people.

  • Be "digital" Volunteer

    In collaboration with the Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone Foundations, we are managing the digital needs of Spanish foundations, having resolved more than 35 requests. We also managing aid to reach 8,000 underpriviliged children in cooperation with 30 foundations.

  • Donation of technological material

    We are donating technological material to the Red Cross Youth and regional administrations for the most needy groups. Likewise, an economic donation campaign has been set up in Capgemini Engineering in the “Coronavirus Emergency in Spain” project, led by the Spanish Red Cross.

  • Digital Educational and Training Pills

    We have developed 23 educational and training pills in collaboration with the Youth Red Cross for dissemination to the most disadvantaged groups. Currently, training actions  are held by teleconference for children.