COMPASS DMWS : Revolutionizing the railway customer experience

Capgemini Engineering's Big Data analytics expertise is helping Britain's Network Rail to develop a true "hot standby" that will dramatically improve efficiency during a signaling failure.

All systems go

Capgemini Engineering has been selected by Britain’s Network Rail for the next phase of Digital Railway’s COMPASS DMWS  project for Degraded Mode Working. Having successfully completed two earlier parts of the project, we have now commenced work to demonstrate the solution at Network Rail’s test facility by early 2018.

Accomplishing our mission

Based on our groundbreaking VueForge® platform, COMPASS DMWS uses a combination of satellite positioning and wireless communications to provide signalers with greatly improved visibility of any network problems. Advanced data analytics gather information from a range of sources to allow safe and efficient passage of multiple vehicles through a temporary block working area.


Keys to success


    Flexible & simple user interface


    Simplified installation and training costs


    Resilience and operational flexibility