The development of a solar airship for communications and observation applications.


    3 years

    in development and more than 80K hours invested in engineering 


    < 1000 kg

    payload and 4 years' maintenance-free operation 



    during take-off/landing and positioning operations 

The background

The project forms part of the long-duration and high-altitude unmanned platforms. Typical missions of these platforms are communications and Earth observations. There are currently several projects like this taking place around the world, based on airships that are both lighter and heavier than air. As an innovative leader, Capgemini Engineering has also invested in the development of this technology with the EcoSat stratospheric airship.

Our solution

Capgemini Engineering’s design involves a semi-rigid solar-powered airship. Its particular aerodynamics and configuration allows it to maintain its position for long periods of time with a minimum consumption of power, as well as being able to operate at more extreme north-south latitudes, maximizing the geographical area of operation.

What we deliver

  • Costs

    No start-up costs and reduced production costs

  • Flexibility

    Possibility of return for reconfiguration and maintenance

  • Availability

    Swift deployment towards the mission site

  • Position

    Capacity for change equivalent to orbital change