Industry 4.0 is driving rapid change across Industrial and Consumer Goods industries, transforming products, product development, manufacturing business operations, while creating new opportunities... and challenges along the way.


    8.6 %

    est. annual growth (2019 to 2025) of global industrial automation and control systems markets 


    60 %

    of it spending (by 2024) on digital transformation & innovation 



    of studied use cases in which ai can improve performance beyond other analytics techniques 


For Industrial and Consumer Goods companies and their supply chains, embracing technological change is no longer a choice. But grappling with the decisions, disruptions, and inevitable cultural evolution that happens along the way to becoming, in essence, a ‘software’ company… can be overwhelming. Knowing what changes to make, which technology platforms to leverage, how to invest to achieve key business goals, how to minimize disruption to operations, even whether it’s possible to monetize new product features, services or the data your products generate… are all questions that are worth asking, and hard answer.

Capgemini Engineering helps Industrial and Consumer Goods companies leverage the full benefits of advanced technologies to achieve the engineering and business outcomes they value most. From tackling small day to day challenges to planning and implementing big disruptive transformations (and everything in between), we offer end-to-end engineering services and solutions for every phase of:

  • Integrated product development
  • Embedded platform development
  • Experience design
  • Product lifecycle maintenance and support
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Digital transformation of operations
  • Industrial networking and connectivity
  • Cybersecurity


  • Product D&D


    We enable our clients In designing innovative and creative products and develop complex systems to differentiate them in their markets.


    We provide following services

    • Ideation & Design
    • Virtual Verification & Simulation
    • Silicon, Electronics & Embedded Systems
    • Proto, Testing & Compliance


    • 150+ Global experienced Product Design Engineers
    • Focused in house Industrial Designers
    • Six Sigma Certified Engineers
    • Team for Compliance Engineering
    • PMP Certified Program Managers
    • 500+ end-to-end product design & Development serviced to global customer
    • Managed Compliance/Product certification
    • 100+ Products prototype developed across various products and materials
    • Development multiple product, ELOT & reliability test equipment’s (ATEs)
  • Perceived quality


    We enable client to design product meeting customer perception by  following approach

    • Measure : Evaluation of competitors solutions and products from customers and users point of view
    • Target Setting : Definition of technical specifications for best perceived quality, user experience, ergonomics or effectiveness
    • Design Optimization Support to the re-engineering of products and services, aimed to the optimization of the user experience in case of customer complain or cost reduction need


    Result & Benefit

    • Competitive perceived quality and customer satisfaction
    • Robust technical guidelines for “effective engineering”
  • Digital Technologies Integration


    We enable our clients to foster innovation, create new customer experiences and deliver products of value by integration digital technologies in products

    We provide following services

    • Digital Experience Design – UX/UI
    • AR/VR for Product
    • Data Insights for R&D
    • Implementing Digital Twin
    • Connected Products & Smart home automation:
      • Intelligent Sensing Solutions
      • IOT Technology & Connectivity and associated frameworks
      • Cloud Services: Data Analytics , AI – Monitor & Control & predictive analysis
      • Data  Platform & Application Development
      • Digital apps Development
      • Voice controlled  Devices
      • Chatbots
      • Product Cybersecurity



  • Manufacturing Engineering


    We enable our clients to industrialize and deliver the products with

    • Optimum cost
    • efect free quality
    • Faster time to market

    bringing in manufacturing engineering  expertise at early stage of design.


    We provide following services

    • Process Design & Development
    • Manufacturing Automation
    • Proto & Serial Samples Testing
    • Vendor Management

    End-to-end services and solutions for industrial products – from ideation to design, development, test, manufacturing and launch to product sustenance & support. This includes:

    • Customer experience strategy and design
    • Product definition and realization
    • Proof of concept and prototypes
    • Hardware, firmware and software development
    • Embedded application development, optimization, maintenance
    • System integration and testing
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Product pre-compliance
    • Value engineering and re-engineering
    • Verification and validation
    • Product support services for deployment
    • Software frameworks for IoT, embedded and cloud applications

    Services and solutions for improving manufacturing efficiency, productivity and safety including prototyping and tooling, production, test and QA and operational efficiency.

    • Process automation, robotics
    • Proof of concept and prototypes
    • Simulation of manufacturing operations
    • Intelligent sensing solutions
    • Technologies for assembly processes
    • Industrial AI/ML
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Edge analytics
    • Automated test solutions and test benches
    • Smart tools and fixtures
    • Lean manufacturing solutions
    • Site efficiency, safety and competitiveness

    Services and solutions to transform products, services and processes to achieve the benefits of digital technologies.

    • Customer experience design and strategy
    • Digital services and apps
    • Digital twins and AR/VR
    • Advanced analytics and data monetization
    • System integration and test
    • Proof of concept
    • Simulation and debug tools
    • Customizing digital platforms
    • Support services: compliance, deployment and maintenance
    • Software frameworks for industrial IoT, embedded, cloud, analytics and AI/ML applications

    Services to deploy new or transform legacy industrial networks.

    • 5G network solution development and deployment
    • Connectivity stack development, customization and integration
    • Industrial protocol development, customization and integration,
    • IoT device and system integration
    • Networking and connectivity verification
    • Cybersecurity
    • Blockchain
    • Software frameworks for industrial networking, connectivity and security applications
    • Support services for network deployment and maintenance

    Services to extend the revenue-generating life of existing products ─ from factory to field to end of life – through:

    • Modernization — redesign/repackage to keep features, form factor and UX fresh & relevant
    • Customer experience — refresh end-to-end UX to compete or disrupt
    • Cost reduction – re-engineer to optimize BOM, testing, manufacturing or support costs and evaluate new monetization strategies
    • Time to market reduction – re-engineer to reduce test, manufacturing, compliance, and supply chain challenges, etc.
    • Enter new markets (localization/globalization) – redesign/reengineer to support form factors, standards and UX for new markets
    • Supply chain optimization — resolve issues with obsolete components or suppliers

    Services to enhance the way customers interface with products and services

    • Growth strategies
    • Customer experience design
    • Product & service design
    • Strategies to optimize path to market
  • IT/OT Transformation FOR Smart Manufacturing

  • Helping companies design, deploy and maintain the systems that establish a proper IT/OT foundation on which smart manufacturing applications, such as production planning, supply chain management, production control & monitoring, etc., can be deployed.


  • Services to help companies engineer (develop, integrate, test) next generation connectivity into their embedded and electronic products, such as 3GPP (5G, NB-IoT), Wi-Fi, BLE and more.


  • Services to help companies transform manufacturing operations to achieve quantifiable improvements in efficiency, quality, productivity, profitability or time to market .


Our software frameworks help clients leverage standard software and components to accelerate the development of connected solutions.

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Industry 4.0

Virtual factory of the future

Although this initiative is often associated with the introduction of new technologies in factories, the fourth industrial revolution is a much broader concept that encompasses profound transformations throughout the industrial value chain.


5G as the enabler of cross-industry convergence White paper


The Digital Twin: Creating digital operations today to deliver business value tomorrow

Digital twins allow companies to improve a variety of business processes, whether its boosting production efficiency of a factory or optimizing the performance of products in the field.


Industry 4.0

The Human-centered industry of tomorrow


Our key assets in Industrial & Consumer

  • Experience & leadership

    In ER&D services and solutions for Industrial markets

  • End-to-end

    Product development & manufacturing expertise — from consultation to implementation to sustenance and support

  • Global workforce

    More than 2100 engineers deployed in industrial and consumer goods projects worldwide


    Cross-industry synergies

    Brings a deep under-standing of the needs and dynamics of customer end markets


    Seamless, scalable, global delivery

    Worldwide network of delivery resources and world-class engineering centers