GAIA pursues the centralisation and harmonic organisation of information to allow its use in real time, facilitating the decision-making process

Why you need it

* Centralisation of the information, preventing redundancy and ensuring the consistency of data.
* Response to the need to structure data through different views in order to obtain information in real time.
* Performance of advanced analytics services ranging from the handling of raw data, to the description of what has gone on, where the problem is and in which areas action needs to be taken, and trend and behaviour-based forecasts.
* A focus on the information that actually improves the decision-making capacity.
* Apart from being able to control the follow-up of the information, it also facilitates the viewing of trends and behaviours on the basis of the feedback information.

What it does

The GAIA comprehensive platform is composed of:
* An asset management engine (assets, information trees and a continuous history report).
* Analytics and reporting.
* Assets positioning.
* BPM for business processes.
* Data-focused security.
* Data Importer.
* Relational and non-relational database engines.

The following results have been attained, thanks to these components:
* Harmonious coordination of information.
* Provision of different perspectives related to assets (functional, organic, geographical, etc.).
* Allows the application of statistical analysis related to the information to analyse what is taking place and to predict what is going to happen.
* Facilitates decision-making and the definition of improvement plans.
* Prevents dependence on external applications, as the information is centralised and is in the hands of the organisation.
* Customisation of the generation of reports and the variables that are relevant for the analysis of each business.
* It is a multi-business platform.

Our key assets

  • Harmonisation

    Harmonious management of knowledge

  • Organisation

    Brings order to the chaos of datification

  • Analytics

    Descriptive and predictive analytics service