With the emergence of the IoT alongside widespread connectivity, machines, processes and organisation can work together in order to boost productivity. Welcome to the factory of the future.

Why you need it

Following the initial real-world roll-outs of our SenseForge system, we have managed to improve the efficiency of industrial processes, through the use of wireless sensors that continuously monitor all types of processes and equipment, including those from the pre-digital era. SenseForge is demonstrating how smart technologies can improve operations, even in traditional factories. This level of sensoration enables detection, collection, calculation of data and decision-making in real time. The question when dealing with the major changes taking place as a result of the digital transformation of industry, is not how many of us are going to start using this, but rather who will start using it first. Get ahead with SenseForge

What it does

SenseForge is composed of a network of miniaturised devices capable of “learning” from their physical environment and detecting when a machine or tool is behaving differently than expected. SenseForge can therefore detect the key signals to anticipate and correct any malfunctions in factories.

One of its major benefits is its quick installation. The devices are interconnected by radio, doing away with cumbersome wiring. Once it is installed, you will inmediately notice the benefits of the better planning of end-to-end monitoring and maintenance.



Internet of things and machine learning to improve productivity in your industry.

Our key assets

  • Dashboard

    Your asset status can be viewed online

  • CBM

    Use of condition-based maintenance techniques

  • Machine learning

    The system learns form its own data