Just as manufacturers build streamlined global networks to optimize production, Capgemini Engineering is designing the world's first industrialized solution for seamless, end-to-end delivery of engineering and R&D services, delivering operational cost savings, while maintaining the highest quality levels.


Technology, business, and prudent-economics cohabit this “innovate or perish” world among others. Businesses need to optimize their engineering prowess and R&D ecosystem to manage complexity and meet commitments – continually and effectively.


Competitively priced, localized – global expertise
With Industrialized GlobalShore®, Capgemini Engineering helps clients by combining its extraordinary capabilities with seamless and borderless global delivery teams. Capgemini Engineering endeavors to become a part of our clients’ Engineering and R&D Ecosystem. And we endeavor to do so by:

  • Leveraging on our technical capabilities, expertise, and systems.
  • Industrializing the process by focusing on standardized methods, skills, technical vitality, quality and automation in order to set competitive costs.
  • Designing, building, and operating delivery centers.
  • Providing premium performance with expertise, speed, efficiency, and quality through our Global Engineering Centers (GEC) in India, Morocco, Portugal, and Ukraine.
  • Combining front end development, World Class Centers, Global Engineering Centers for local presence, expertise support and back end delivery models.
  • Our ecosystem of Global Engineering Centers to support customers for end-to-end solutions including prototyping and testing.


With Industrialized GlobalShore®, Capgemini Engineering helps clients by combining its robust development capabilities with seamless and borderless global delivery teams. Capgemini Engineering also provides its clients with significant value by using the best engineers in the world, in different countries.

  • Cutting down time‑to‑market

    We cut down time-to-market considerably with our truly global team. Our teams combine the best of their proven and constantly enhanced capabilities and expertise in technology, local reach, and implementation know-how to deliver a single high-performing cross-functional unit.

  • A seamless partner for success

    Our local presence, relevant expertise, and powerful back-end delivery network works diligently toward engineering excellence.

  • A resolute and industry‑first framework

    Industralized GlobalShore® is a resolute and industry-first framework that ensures clients are supported by world class engineering expertise (WCC) and a global talent network (GEC), as well as a local presence wherever they are based (GEO).

  • A value‑chain and value‑additive partner

    Industrialized GlobalShore® positions Capgemini Engineering as a value-chain and value-additive partner. The model integrates services and delivers, ensuring the client’s global presence.

  • Benefiting from Capgemini Engineering's cross‑industry expertise

    Capgemini Engineering increases the value-add to its services through innovation, industrialization thorough automation, standardization and technology cross-pollination from Capgemini Engineering’s expertise in other industries.

  • Reducing client risk

    Capgemini Engineering’s uniquely developed NODEs in the factory model reduce client risk through accurately defined service level catalogues for domain specific skills and services.


Premium performance over the long term
Industrialized GlobalShore® helps you meet your contemporary business challenges with the help of flexible and innovative solutions thanks to an ecosystem underpinned by proficient R&D resources and precisely-skilled engineering talent. Resources and talent that will be available to clients for effective and repeated perusal. Industrialized GlobalShore® helps you to:

  • Differentiate and derive maximum benefit from disruptive technologies.
  • Meet the challenges of fast-changing markets.
  • Enjoy the benefits of selected locations for enhanced cost/competence ratios.
  • Streamline and automate with the help of state-of-the-art Lean Six Sigma processes, industry certified engineers and methods & tools.
  • Highly qualified engineers who provide high-quality deliverables, efficiently and on time.
  • Reduce Total cost of ownership in R&D.
  • Tap into some of the world’s fastest-emerging high-skilled talent pools.
  • High value deliverables at competitive prices

Our key assets


    Global / local mix

    Combines the advantages of a global reach with the benefits of local, cross‑industry, and cross‑market expertise.


    Standardized processes

    Ensuring operational excellence, economic performance and consistency.


    Packing facilities

    To address even the largest programs and enabling us to deliver sustainable economies of scale.


    Long-term partnership

    A platform enabling major clients to align their goals with a long-term strategic partner.


    Experts worldwide

    More than 21 000 engineers and experts worldwide for clients to leverage.