Enhanced - Immersive - Seamless interfaces with technology.



    of millennials prefer to spend more money on EXPERIENCES than on material things 



    of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family 



    of customers relationship with a company will be managed without interacting with a human by 2020 

Invisible - Seamless High tech

The rise of connected things creates a whole new complexity and discontinuity in the customer experience: the multiplicity of technological devices, each connected to different platforms and applications becomes a key obstacle for service adoption. Simplification can be achieved with smart integration of networks and services, as highlighted with the unified interface between a central screen, lighting system, holographic totem and factory indicators in real time. But simplification reaches a new dimension when technological devices integrate into the customer’s natural environment.

Capgemini Engineering smart mirror is an example of such seamless integration of technology in traditional furniture: a Tactile Mirror & monitor,providing scene and face Recognition, Natural Language Processing, integration with IoT and Cloud platforms offering interoperability with Philips’ Hue lighting system, weather forecasting, task management, control Holographic Display and consult remote factory status.

Natural - AI-powered interfaces

With the progress of Artificial Intelligence, users’ interactions with smart things have the potential to become much simpler and more convenient. In the smart mirror, we have integrated both vision analysis services for face and scene detection and Natural Language Processing, both from Microsoft Cognitive services. As a result, the mirror automatically turns on once it detects a face, it takes a photo and identifies the visitor from a list of candidates, provides customized welcome messages and booth lighting, and can even produce a hologram of the person.

It recognizes natural language commands like “Take a Photo“,”Show me the factory”, “Switch Light Color to Green”, “Show me the agenda”, “Remember me to call my supervisor”, “New task, check performance tomorrow” and takes corresponding actions to assist users in their different activities.

Immersive - Mixed Realities

Visual experiences are attracting most of the attention of the media, social networks, and even customers. Today, new immersive technologies both generate a “wow effect” and provide true added value in different situations. With a digital twin of a factory, you can visit the production line, supervise performance and be trained on operations in a virtual reality environment, like in the Puerto Real Airbus plant. With Augmented Reality applications, you can access relevant detailed information on objects that you manipulate physically, or project them into your environment. Now, with holographic totems and technologies, you can even create digital avatars for people and use them as physical twins to materialize their presence and develop new use cases, like those powered by the Capgemini Engineering Interactive mirror.

Consistent - Orchestrated with a smart platform

Capgemini Engineering Platform, BOND, answers both companies’ and end users’ needs in terms of personalizing and orchestrating Interactions & Operational processes that shape the delivery of the desired digital experience. This allows client companies to increase recurring sales, customer loyalty, and reduce operational costs while offering smooth customer journeys and delightful experiences across contexts and channels.

It offers the widest breadth of functionalities including:

  • Real-time personalization of the customer experience
  • Visual customer journey design tool & Customer journey simulation
  • Unlimited concurrent customer journeys to provide a 360° customer approach across your company
  • Real-time journey edition
  • Context definition according to available parameters, e.g. location, customer profile, weather, etc.
  • Gamification
  • Built-in integration with social networks, IoT platforms, Wi-Fi APs, hybrid and native mobile applications
  • Real-time big data analytics and Machine Learning algorithms for
    continuous experience adaptation.

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