Keeping the Lean Legacy with Digital Disruption: Digital Assistance

Pervasive connectivity, autonomous machines, new computing generation, mixed reality and nanotechnologies offer multiple new solutions to target quantitative and qualitative production improvements.

After more than 30 years of implementing lean philosophy to improve manufacturing processes through automation, software optimization and process reordering, the common goal of most manufacturing activities remain the same: companies continue to seek efficiency gain, waste reduction, shorter and more flexible product life cycles while at the same time enhance quality.

Designing adequate use cases and the right technological architecture to facilitate human tasks is the classic yet underestimated key for the adoption of digital technologies. Augmenting human labor with intelligent systems and new interfaces will enable a new wave of workforce productivity improvement, enabling higher-efficiency and ultimately lower-cost manufacturing.

This whitepaper focuses on Digital Assistance Solutions. These solutions enable performance improvement by facilitating visualization and interaction of operators with digital systems in the manufacturing environment.

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Keeping the Lean Legacy with Digital Disruption: The Use Case(s) of Digital Assistance