Keeping you ahead of the curve for a 5G world with cost-effective next-generation wireless software frameworks, tools, stacks, platforms and the latest IoT standards.


The rollout of 5G is a game-changer for the wireless world requiring robust, cost-effective software frameworks and platforms to power the next-generation of wireless solutions for IoT, mixed-reality and autonomous vehicle applications.

To be first to market, every communications service provider must start preparing their network architecture, transport network, operations environment, spectrum and site solutions to transition to 5G. Capgemini Engineering Wireless Engineering


  • Capgemini Engineering 5G frameworks and services enable network equipment manufacturers and communications service providers to build their own 5G solutions to fast track next-generation product roadmaps, rapidly deploy new services and leapfrog their competitors.


  • The Capgemini Engineering 5G-ready offering is based on a virtualized, scalable architecture that can deliver multiple services and serve a variety of applications simultaneously, which drives optimal resource use and accelerates deployment.


We accelerate leading edge innovation thanks to our portfolio of 70+ Frameworks for Wireless technologies.

  • 5G gNB

    Capgemini Engineering’s feature rich access framework solution provides customization for all mobile networks and positions our clients as front runners for latest market driven 3GPP specification features.

  • 5G SA Virtualized Core

    Capgemini Engineering 5G Core is a fully virtualized, stateless and microservices based core network that is suitable for private 5G deployment as well as cloud based deployments. The decomposed architecture, Service based interfaces and CUPS strongly support cloud native container based implementation.

  • LTE eNodeB

    An Industry-leading access network: The eNodeB framework has a robust ecosystem, a flexible architecture for optimized performance, and an extensive interoperability for an accelerated time to market.
    eNodeB enhanced to connect with 5G RAN to accelerate 5G deployment (NSA mode).

  • LTE Evolved Packet Core

    Capgemini Engineering’s LTE EPC wireless software framework solution moves at future-speed offering a comprehensive suite of products and services for the Evolved Packet Core with accelerated time to market and easy interoperability.

  • LTE/5G in a Box

    Our LTE/5G in a box Core Network is a highly customizable solution for network deployment in a diverse range of niche use cases from defense to public safety.

  • Narrowband IoT, eMTC

    Capgemini Engineering Narrowband IoT Core is an optimized solution for cellular IoT to provide wide-area coverage, long battery life, low-cost devices, low deployment costs and support of massive IoT connections. Also IoT services provided using eMTC feature utilizing the LTE air interface procedures.

  • Others Wireless Frameworks

    • 3G/2.5G frameworks
    • WiFi Traffic Offload
    • IMS & SIP
    • Diameter
    • CBRS SAS client in LTE/NR