Are You Well? app

Are You Well? app

While calling the best developers and problem solvers worldwide, IBM expanded this year’s Call for Code Global Challenge from seeking solutions to reverse the impact of climate change to developing solutions to fight COVID-19.

Bob Lord, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications, and Chelsea Clinton, Vice-Chair of the Clinton Foundation, announced the three initial 2020 Call for Code COVID-19 solutions during IBM’s Think Digital virtual conference on 5 May 2020. On 16 September 2020, Willie M. Tejada – Chief Developer Advocate at IBM announced the Regional Finalists for the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge.

The “Are You Well?” app that is designed and developed by Altran is one of three applications selected for early deployment through the 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge and later announced as one of the regional finalists in September 2020. IBM will work with developers (Top Solutions) to fortify and implement their solution quickly in communities that need it most to combat COVID-19.

Developed by the Altran team that includes Deepak Goyal, Chandresh Tiwari, Yogesh Kumar, Hitesh Choudhary, and Manoj Gupta, the app aims to alleviate the strain on overloaded medical systems and is aided by IBM Watson Assistant. The application is designed to be a comprehensive medical assistant system that will reduce the stress on overtaxed medical workers. The mobile application uses a flexible, editable algorithm to evaluate possible COVID-19 symptoms before connecting high severity patients with medical experts for assistance. Also, the system ranks the users’ input by severity level – high, medium, or low – and connects users with medical professionals who can use the data to prioritize cases and offer care in a safer, more efficient, and effective manner.

The solution can also be integrated with AI/ML systems like Watson Studio to assist professionals in first-hand analysis and provide a dynamic model for COVID-19 surveillance,

“We are going ahead with extending the application to include more features and hopefully deploy the solution live, do user trials and enhance based on feedbacks.”, says Deepak Goyal, Assistant Vice President – Offering and Engineering at Altran in India.

About the IBM Call for Code: The Call for Code is a developer challenge that invites developers and problem-solvers around the world to build solutions that fight back against the most pressing issues of our time that have an immediate and lasting impact on society. Top entries from the challenge are open source-power technology solutions and deployed.

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IBM Call For Code: Are You Well? app

Are You Well? A comprehensive medical assistant system designed by Altran and aided by IBM Watson assistant to combat COVID-19