Betula Bluetooth suite

Powerful API
Betula SDK provides a high level easy-to-use platform API. The application programmer does not need to be a Bluetooth expert as all Bluetooth details are encapsulated in the platform abstracted from the user.

Modular design
To ensure a verifiable and maintainable design, the implementation of the Betula SDK has been strictly modularized. This structure allows dynamic updating of software modules, i.e. it is already prepared to support software updates. Betula SDK supports multi-process operating systems and allows partitioning in distributed systems.

Configuration of Betula SDK is done in run-time (post-built) using XML based configuration files that are validated against XML schemas that help the user to input correct configuration parameters.

Capgemini engineering has an extensive testing program, in which a majority of the current and upcoming mobile phones are tested against the Betula SDK.

The built-in diagnostics module provides features that can be very useful during development, such as: Test mode settings, Bluetooth chip specific commands & Debug support.

Betula client
A windows / Linux based test Betula client is provided for test and validation purpose.

Capgemini Betula Bluetooth Suite

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