V2X Stack

Capgemini Engineering Vehicle To Everything (V2X) software stack enables faster time to market for automotive Tier1/OEM and Telecom Service Providers. The stack is compliant to WAVE / ETSI / CN standards. It is pre-ported and fully integrated on industry leading V2X platforms.


Hardware, Network and OS Agnostic
Capgemini Engineering’s V2X Software stack is agnostics to radio technology and vendors. It supports C-V2X and DSRC. The stack is available on popular operating systems like Linux, Android and Real Time Operation System.

Platform Abstraction
The stack components (V2X core stack and applications) can be run independently across cores of a processor or different processors. Integration with V2X subsystems like GPS, CAN, Security, IoT Sensors and HMI is provided through well-defined APIs.

Rich Set of APIs
A rich set of APIs for application developers to use facility layer APIs provided above the base V2X stack layer to access decoded V2X messages and other information such as position, timing and vehicle data.

Proven Interoperability
Successful participation in V2X interoperability and conformance events. WAVE TCI 2.0 and ETSI TTCN based in-house conformance testing.

Automotive Grade
Auto SPICE and MISRA C 2012 compliant.

Security and Privacy
Supports self-sign, SCMS client and integration with third-party SCMS servers. Pre-integrated with Hardware security modules (eHSM) or OpenSSL for message signing and verification.


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