Portable On Board Printer 3D



    made by Capgemini Engineering Italy 



    months development project 



    Successful Experimentation at the International Space Station 

The background

The Portable On Board Printer 3D goal is the transfer Additive Manufacturing Technology to 3D-print in µ Gravity context for spacecrafts applications.Objective of the investigation was to prove FDM viability for making plastic objects onboard the International Space Station.

Our solution

E2E Design & Development from concept to product facing challenging product requirements implementation (µ Gravity, safety, usability & human machine interface) and involving different engineering disciplines:
– Electrical/Electronic components Engineering & Design
– Mechanical Product Design
– Addictive Manufacturing & 3D Printing process know how
– Product qualification for space station application
– Prototyping and manufacturing

What we deliver

  • Stand - alone Payload

  • Open-source HW

  • COTS subsystem