SKINTUITION: Visualizing the skin’s secrets

Multispectral imaging technology developed by Cambridge Consultants is unlocking the ability to analyze and understand the secrets of our skin.

Seeing things differently

Did you know that bees can see in ultraviolet? It helps them hone in on flowers. Humans, on the other hand, see the world in red, green and blue. Normal digital cameras use the same principle that we do. But if we look at the world using different colors, we can reveal details that remain invisible to the naked eye. Skintuition – the multispectral imaging platform developed by Cambridge Consultants – offers a non-invasive, non-contact way of seeing everything from our pulse to hidden damage caused by the sun.

Accomplishing our mission

Using a low-cost camera like the ones in most smartphones – aided by a ring of LEDs – Skintuition controls the illumination to produce images of the skin’s surface with more colors than a typical camera could produce. The system is able to expose what is under the skin’s surface, including blood, oxygen saturation and melanin. By embedding the platform into a commercial product like a bathroom mirror, Skintuition can gather images of the user’s skin and alert them to changes in its condition via their smartphone.


What if your skin could talk?

Our new platform enables users to analyze their skin in detail, providing insights into its health, condition and dermatological status.

Keys to success


    Non-invasive, non-contact

    Truly personalized care products


    Off-the-shelf camera technology

    Opening the door to applications outside skincare


    Can be integrated into existing systems

    Using the data it uncovers to new recommandations


    Applications beyond personal care

    Tailored for use in other industries