How 5G propelled your business to win the Digital Revolution


    97% CAGR

    Growth in global 5G market 2020-2025 



    Global new services 5G enabled market by 2025 



    Of all global companies aim to have 5G use cases deployed by 2021 



    Reliability can be achieved for mission critical applications managed by 5G 


    49.2% CAGR

    Growth in global 5G chipset market 2020-2026 



    Revenue opportunity in healthcare in 2026 from 5G 

2025: A world free of wires. Pervasive communication technologies serve humans by connecting everything everywhere. Technologies have adapted to the new communication intent, the context and the constraints. Connected vehicles everywhere live in harmony with each other, with pedestrians, and with smart cities. Factories have seen their productivity dramatically increased, first by replacing wires with wireless connectivity, and second by planning configurable on-the-fly factory layouts without the wires’ constraints. The world now has 1.1 billion 5G connections, and this is just a beginning.

5G has become a ubiquitous connectivity platform interconnecting several communication technologies, humans and machines. 5G systems of interconnected smart objects have enabled distributed cognitive functions including Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. Analysts foresaw 5G as the fuel that would propel the digital revolution and that 5G would disrupt the traditional value chains and ecosystems in all vertical industries, not just in the communication industry… And, right they were.

The successful players in all vertical industries from this new industrial revolution had some things in common: an inclusive vision understanding 5G potential; innovated collaboratively; tried and failed fast; and, learned until they got it right.

We will present you the way this virtuous ecosystem developed coming back to 2018 when 4G was dominant and 5G Business Models uncertain.

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How 5G Propelled Your Business to Win in the Digital Revolution