Capgemini Engineering Education Services

Capgemini Engineering Education Services is our solution to the technical and managerial training needs of our clients worldwide.

Why you need it ?

Capgemini Engineering Education Services allows clients to benefit from a wide range of offers to improve or acquire skills and know-how related to Capgemini Engineering’s businesses, in fields such as Project Management, Innovation Embedded and Critical Systems.
At Italian level, it presents a catalogue of courses provided mainly in Italian Language.
The educational offer, coordinated by Solution Center with the HR internal training organization support, span on the following knowledge areas: RAM&ILS, Analysis and Simulations, Project, Risk, Innovation Management, Safety, Business Intelligence, System Engineering, Quality, Programming Language e IT Quality Assurance.

What it does ?

The courses offered in the catalogue are available in two different formats:

  • Standard: pre-defined content, held in Capgemini Engineering’s facilities.
  • Custom: personalized content, held in the client’s facilities.

The trainers team comprises:

  • Internal professionals that share their extensive experience gained in the field complemented with the internal trainers certification process.
  • External specialists, professors and researchers, from the academic and technology worlds.

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    Internal professionals and external specialists



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