Altran Italy and PITOM announce partnership to deploy automated driving systems

ALTRAN Autonomous Driving competence center is committed on Research, Innovation and Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for future self-driving cars. Thanks to an open innovation approach, ALTRAN also run a partner research program with start-up, Universities and distinctive technological innovators.

In this framework, ALTRAN and PITOM announce partnership to deploy automated driving systems.
PITOM is a young, dynamic and proactive company, strongly oriented to robotics and to the design and manufacturing of autopilots and unmanned Aerial, Ground and Marine vehicles.

Founded in March 2011 by former researchers from the Department of Electrical Systems and Automation, University of Pisa (DSEA), PITOM reflects the dream of its founders to bring into civilian applications the advanced military technology in unmanned vehicles.

PITOM Team has a large experience since already in 2007 joined the DARPA Urban Challenge, aimed to develop one of the first autonomous car, conceived to navigate driver-less in a urban scenario. Today PITOM is contributing to Horizon2020 HERCULES focused on a new operating system for automotive application.

Together ALTRAN and PITOM will develop fully operational prototypes for ADAS concepts, including advanced IP on artificial intelligence and sensor fusion.