Intelligent Industry – Solutions for the 5G and Edge computing revolution

Two of the key technologies that are driving Intelligent Industry, 5G and Edge computing, will have a radical impact on industries, transforming organizations and driving innovation in ways that we can’t even imagine yet.

Capgemini Engineering will help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that are coming with this revolution, with technology consulting and engineering expertise across an emerging ecosystem.

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5G innovation and Edge computing will transform every industry

5G innovation and Edge computing are the foundation of data-driven transformation. They will change the way everyone – companies, governments and consumers – interacts and does business, leading to ground-breaking innovations and services.

Across all sectors industrial companies are in the midst of a digital transformation, using data to unlock efficiency and innovation. This means that being able to connect devices, collect and exploit this data is becoming business-critical.

5G, the new global cellular communications standard, brings a step change in the connectivity that is now possible for end-users, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers higher speeds and capacity, lower latency, and more reliability. This in turn paves the way for many more innovative use cases, such as robots, automated machines, greater factory automation, augmented and virtual reality, delivered at scale and cost-effectively, through a multipurpose network of unprecedented flexibility.

Edge computing will transform the way connected objects are designed, by putting the processing power for a huge number of devices in the infrastructure all around us. Any product or asset can instantly become smart, by bringing cloud applications closer to the device, optimizing service performance and experience.

5G and Edge for communications services providers and industries 

5G enables one scalable, future-proof infrastructure that can host very different use cases. It enables the creation of bespoke networks that can meet the different connectivity requirements of consumers, as well as many different industry sectors, which can be upgraded faster and more cost-effectively. And being software-driven, 5G infrastructure is highly agile with zero-touch orchestration.

Telco Edge infrastructure is also both a network optimization lever for CSPs, and an opportunity to offer distributed cloud services to enterprise players and third-party application providers. With computing power much closer to where the data is generated, there will be almost zero latency in connection and processing, offering a key monetization opportunity for CSPs.

Fundamentally, Edge cloud computing is a radically enabling technology that has limitless applications and will drive much more immersive and interactive services and experiences.


Why Capgemini Engineering ?

Capgemini Engineering has the depth and breadth of IT and network expertise to design and deploy your 5G and Edge solution fast, cost-efficiently and at scale.

We combine technology expertise, with deep engineering skills, across IT, OT and networks. And because we know the technology and how to apply it, we can support clients all the way through their 5G and Edge transformation. And we’re also deeply embedded within the evolving 5G and Edge ecosystem.

We bring technology, systems integration and engineering expertise together as one, to help you make the right investments in the foundation of your data-driven transformation – and monetize them.

And we are delivering this through our key service offerings, that will help you strategize, build, transform and deliver business value with 5G and Edge:

  • Plan & Strategy – Digital Transformation
  • 5G Open Network Infrastructure
  • Strategic Service Platforms
  • Use Cases & Applications
  • Ecosystem Orchestration & Integration
  • 5G End-to-end business & Operational services.

So you can be ready to achieve the promises of Intelligent Industry, powered by data.

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