In a fast-booming data market, Telecom operators and vendors need to face a growing complexity in networks and manage multiple technologies to face traffic explosion and capture new business opportunities.



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Meeting the challenge

In today’s booming data market, businesses are looking to resolve problems of network complexity and manage the multiple technologies required to support High Speed Broadband. They also need to exploit business opportunities created by the explosion in traffic while controlling and optimizing their costs. We supply end-to-end engineering throughout the network lifecycle, along with dedicated support for transition and operations.

Network of the future

Capgemini Engineering World Class Center: Advanced Networks

The partner of choice

Our Network know-how is vendor-agnostic, offering in-depth skills in a wide range of specific technologies. That comprehensive approach is complemented by unique vertical expertise, making us the partner of choice for the transition to 5G.

Our key offers

Virtualization and Software Designed Networking

A comprehensive set of engineering and system integration services to support your network transformation. Our solutions are part of an end-to-end strategy that follows the entire network lifecycle.

Transition to 5G

A full set of services to support the smooth evolution of your network towards 5G, including engineering, planning and optimizing the transition to operations. We specialize in cross-domain, end-to-end strategy and vision.

Network Consolidation and Modernization

Our engineering and system integration services support consolidation and modernization throughout the network lifecycle for Mobile Access, Mobile Core and NGN with end-to-end strategy and vision


  • Next-generation private cloud network

    We provided the number 1 European operator with Service Platform and Virtualization Layer Design and Integration services, achieving a 100% service swap success rate

  • Full IP radio transport transformation

    We supported the number 1 European operator, delivering 4K video streaming in 4G+ access sites and tripling bandwidth

  • Multi-tenant data center

    Designed for an Italian telecoms company, it reduced the number of servers by 20% and total cost of ownership by 32% in one year

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5G: driving cross-industry convergence

Next-generation mobile networks have potential for hugely disruptive performance and capabilities


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SDN/NFV: key to the future of mobile networks

New technologies are giving operators control over how and when each of their network components is used.