Capgemini at 2021 Software Testing Forum

Our experts will participate as speakers in the first two web conferences of the four scheduled for the 2021 edition of the Software Testing Forum

The four web conferences (June 8, July 6, October 5, November 6) are dedicated to the state of the art, the technologies, the solutions and the experiences to achieve the best quality of software intensive products and services through new organizational, methodological and technological approaches.

Participation in webinars is free upon registration on the Software Testing Forum website.

June 8 – Focus on Automation & DevOps

Vincenzo Marrazzo (Senior Test Automation Expert Telecom & Media division of Capgemini Engineering), Alfredo Sacconi (Testing Practice, Capgemini) and Francesco Alberti (R&D and Test Plant Manager of Eolo) will give a speech entitled “Eolo & Capgemini together for a programmatic approach to Test Automation”.

Eolo’s ambition is to automate most of the quality processes on their equipment destined for the production network. Capgemini, thanks to its experience and expertise in Engineering and R&D, has developed a Test Automation Solution in accordance with ISTQB best practices and the needs of Eolo. The TAS is based on Robot Framework and Python, and can be integrated into a Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery process. The technologies under test are based on Ethernet both for access applications (PPP, DHCP, RADIUS, etc.) and for the management of routing on the network (VLAN, MPLS, BGP, etc.).

The TAS integrates Cisco TRex support to generate / measure packet traffic and leverages virtualization to maximize the efficiency of test cycles during automated regressions.

July 9 – Focus on Finance & Mobile

Valentina Soccorso (Agile Test Manager of the Financial Services Division of Capgemini in Italy), Maria Teresa Fusco (Agile Test Manager of the Financial Services Division of Capgemini in Italy) and Alfredo Sacconi (Testing Practice, Capgemini) will deliver the speech entitled “A Syncretism of Testing: Agile & Management”.

With the experience gained over the years, we have seen the obsolescence of large, rigid, hard to manage and coordinate testing structures. In addition, there is an increasingly frequent need for a single professional figure able to simultaneously deal with the management part of the projects as well as the operational one. An efficient, dynamic and versatile figure: an Agile Test (er) Manager. This is precisely the reason that led the Financial Services division to create the ACQuA Community (Agile Community of Quality Assurance) made up of Agile Test (er) managers: professionals experienced in functional testing, attentive to the needs of the business and with excellent project management skills.