Capgemini Engineering Italy at the 2019 REACH OSH convention

The experts of the Energy, Industry and Life Sciences division and of the Sustainability & Quality Management expertise center will participate in the 2019 REACH-OSH  National Convention which will take place in Bologna on October 15th and 16th, in the context of Ambiente Lavoro, the most important event for all companies that deal with safety in the workplace.

The REACH-OSH_2019 National Convention will deepen the correct interactions between Product Regulations and Social Regulations to be applied in the workplace, in the light of the 2018-19 Campaign of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) concerning the «Health and Safety in the environments of work in the presence of dangerous substances “.

Capgemini Engineering has given his technical contribution to the dissemination of knowledge about the safe use of a dangerous mixture with the publication of an article that will be included in the conference documents, of which we propose an abstract:

“The information management, obtained by Exposure Scenarios annexed to safety data sheet of the substances, is the main target of the formulators. The REACH Regulation forces the actors with role of formulators to transmission the information about safe use of mixture to down of supply chain. For the substances in mixture characterized by many uses in several conditions, the stakeholder and the European Chemicals Agency, suggest a consolidated annex to safety data sheet, with information about safe use of the mixture. The methodology used for this target is the «top-down» approach that is the Lead Component IDentification (LCID)”.

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