Capgemini Engineering is technical partner of “AFTER Futuri Digitali”

The festival “AFTER Futuri Digitali” will be held in Modena from 29 September to 1 October 2017. Capgemini Engineering will exhibit several demos and prototypes developed in cooperation with partners or as internal R&D activities

Capgemini Engineering has been chosen as a Technical Partner of After Futuri Digitali because of its experience in innovation and thanks to its expertise ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Digital Transformation, from Internet of Things technologies to virtual reality, from Autonomous Driving, to Industry 4.0. These technologies will have a strong impact on the lives of citizens in the years to come and will allow a more sustainable mobility, an improved energy efficiency of appliances, an increased quality of drugs traceability systems, an enrichment of services of infotainment, an improvement of the security of banking services, etc. Capgemini Engineering conceives its offer in these fields in order to meet the needs of citizens with positive effects on the quality of life in urban areas.

Capgemini Engineering will present several demonstrators and prototypes developed in cooperation with their partners or as R&D activities. Our goal is to make these technologies accessible to visitors and attendants to the festival. They will experience firsthand the technologies proposed at the Galleria Europa in the City of Modena (Piazza Grande) interacting with demos and applications guided by Capgemini Engineering’s experts.

About AFTER Futuri Digitali

The festival AFTER Futuri Digitali is promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, Emilia-Romagna Region and the municipality of Modena. It aims to spread the goals at the national and regional level set by the Ultra Broadband Plan and the crucial transformations that it will bring in all communities and areas, including peripheral, rural and mountainous areas. At the same time, through conferences, digitalks and prototypes exhibited by Capgemini Engineering, the festival will show concretely potential and applications that are already possible in the field of ultra broadband infrastructure and digitization.
The festival features over 100 events, including lectures, talks and practical demonstrations that will be held in buildings, squares and other places in the city.

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