Mobile World Congress 2019

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At a pivotal moment of digitalization, full of new opportunities and threats, Capgemini Engineering offers a unique combination of skills and solutions to design and deploy radical innovations for your business.

At MWC19, discover how our services help clients in three unique ways:

  • Make the 5G promises real today

  • • 5G
    • Virtualization

  • De-risk digital transformation

  • • Design
    • AI

  • Seize new opportunities in disrupted industries

  • • Connected Mobility
    • Connected Industry


5G Use Cases
2 use cases will exemplify how the 5G can enable new services and add value for any industry.

  • The first use case will show real-time micro betting during a sport event, widening the scope of actions that can be betted on (outcome of an of a corner kick, of a free kick…)
  • The second use case will show how fitness and gaming will merge to gamify workouts and improve overall health

Aricent Edge Computing software frameworks
Server-free architecture network that rely on edge computing to provide low-latency application such as real-time face recognition and cloud gaming.


SDvAS™ – Software Defined Broadband Access (SEBA)
Capgemini Engineering foster the next-gen network build-out with:

  • Hardware-Software Disaggregation and Virtualization allowing flexible deployment with hardware independence,
  • Support of Open source and strong eco-system partnerships for co-creation.

VNF Testing Framework
The demo showcases VNFs (virtual network functions) Validation Testing tool. Together with Scheduling and Automation tools, they will help to reduce time to test new features or releases.


Telecom 2021: Exceptional Experiences
Short “design fiction” videos that will illustrate future use cases, by frog, the design and innovation consultancy firm of Capgemini Engineering.


Intent Driven Intelligent 5G Network Slicing
Network slicing is a game-changing aspect of 5G, and will essentially allow an operator to provide a number of virtual network services over the same physical infrastructure.
Thanks to NWDAF (Network Data Analytics Function) rather than telling what size of the slice a service needs, user just has to provide what is the “intent” behind using this slice; for example: immersive gaming, remote surgery, drone surveillance, etc. NWDAF, using advanced AML (Automated machine learning), determines the right size of the slice, based on the traffic conditions, SLA requirement, and other factors, and manages the slice’s lifecycle accordingly.

Video that doesn’t skip a bit
This streaming Video tool predicts potential network anomalies, build autonomous decisions, takes preventive actions and self-learns to improve over time. With this truly reliable streaming video service, use cases can expand beyond the core of communications and entertainment to remote medical care and customer service.

Connected Mobility

A connected, electric, autonomous, and multi-use vehicle (simultaneous transport of people and parcels) integrating Artificial Intelligence and evolving in an urban environment in a secure way.

Connected Industry

A “Sensforge” vibro-acoustic sensor remotely monitor a small fan.

Real-time location-based services
An agnostic geolocation platform able to connect a wide range of various sensors & technologies into one unique middleware.

Augmented Quality Lab
Augmented reality for operations and maintenance.

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