Hannover Messe

At Capgemini we are pioneering what the future of industry will be.

We call it Intelligent Industry.

Intelligent Industry means harnessing the power of data to foster innovation, make new and differentiated ‘smart’ products, improve supply chains, create new customer experiences and deliver new sources of value.

At the Hannover Messe, we will showcase how data and disruptive technologies lead to intelligent industry and how new business areas can be developed, operational processes optimized and innovations implemented for a sustainable future.

We invite you to explore our digital showcase from April 12 to 16, 2021 and discover how we can make every component of the industrial value chain more intelligent.

Intelligent Products and Systems

With products and systems now being smart and connected they can be continuously improved, thanks to real-time feedback. This means greater uptime, reduced costs and improved efficiency.

IoT  |   Connected Vehicles


Intelligent Operations

Traditional plants and industrial operations become smart with new digital technologies, which in turn changes the design of factories, systems and their supply chains, how they operate, and how employees work within them.

Smart Factory  |  5G for Industrial Operations


Intelligent Support and Services

Support and service departments will move from being cost centers to customer experience ambassadors and revenue generators, with data driven services connected to the ongoing use of a product or an industrial system.

AR/ VR/ MR in Services


Digital Continuity

In the seamless and consistent world of data delivered by digital continuity, digital twins of products and assets minimize gaps between design, manufacturing, operations and service functions as well build zero distance with the end-user environments.

Digital Twin  |  MBSE


Together with you we build intelligent solutions, scale and operate them.

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