5G lab inauguration

Capgemini / Capgemini Engineering is delighted to invite you to inaugurate our new 5G lab!

The next stage of digital transformation is here. Companies are now focusing on how to digitize their businesses and use embedded software, data and next-generation wireless connectivity to rethink what they do and how they do it. At Capgemini / Capgemini Engineering we are pioneering what the future of industry will be: we call it Intelligent Industry. 

Next generation of networks is the foundation of data-driven transformation. But network evolution is complex, with “Softwarization and Automation” and the need to introduce new technologies like SDN/NFV, IoT, 5G & Edge are adding further complexity with new challenges related to ROI and Monetization of the investments. In addition, the 5G introduction roadmap requires further evolution to digitize, industrialize and be ready for the upcoming 5G large-scale deployments.

To help you to address those new challenges, Capgemini / Capgemini Engineering is enhancing its 5G & Edge offer portfolio for Intelligent Industry with a strategic asset: the 5G Labs and 5G Lab-As-A-Service (LaaS) offering. Our 5G Labs are spread across the globe and provide various assets and facilities for both Industrial and telco clients.

This 5G Lab is hosted in a dedicated, cyber-secure infrastructure for hire located in Fundao (Portugal), the physical and virtual resources can be accessed and managed from any location in the world (24/7) via a secure web-based Lab Portal. Our solution provides facilities and a flexible network environment for prototyping, development, testing and validation, enabling innovative solutions, use cases and services for the new 5G network ecosystem. As a result, we support you in all the steps of the 5G journey and accelerate your time to market.


Experience our lab visit, workshops and have live chats!

  • Capgemini Intelligent Industry vision
  • 5G & Edge offer positioning and Lab / asset strategy  
  • Live Lab visit, capability and use cases presentation
  • Round Table


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