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    Passengers in aircraft controlled by iFACTS since deployment in 2011 



    Prestigious industry awards won 


    10+ years

    Capgemini Engineering's partnership with NATS 


Born out of NATS’ own original research and development, iFACTS has given controllers a set of support tools that allows them to handle more traffic comfortably and safely.
These tools, based on trajectory prediction and medium term conflict detection, provide them with decision making support while highlighting potential future aircraft conflicts. iFACTS enables controllers to look up to 18 minutes into the future, with this ‘look-ahead’ capability enabling them to test the viability of various options available for manoeuvring aircraft, as well as providing more time to make decisions.

The launch of iFACTS was one of the most exciting developments in the aviation industry in decades. It has been Capgemini Engineering's privilege to partner with NATS in developing this ground-breaking technology. Denton Clutterbuck Head of Sales and Marketing


Capgemini Engineering applied its low-defect development approach and deployed a multi-disciplinary, multi-national team of over 140 engineers at Capgemini Engineering’s delivery centres in the UK, France and India.

Keys to success

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    Increased ‘look ahead’ time from 2 to 18 minutes


    Decreased CO2 emissions


    Increased safety and capacity