QuTech: research and development in quantum technology

Altran works alongside scientists of QuTech in Delft to unlock the power of quantum computing

A new kind of computing

The worldwide race to create the first stable quantum computer is in full swing. Quantum computers are intelligent and powerful computers that process information in a new way that can force major and important breakthroughs. Quantum computers are expected to open doors to possibilities that are currently unthinkable.

Accompanying innovation

Scientific computing engineers of Altran work on the Quantum Inspire which is a quantum computing platform that acts as the first global online portal granting access to various technologies to perform quantum computations. The Altran team works on the software stack which interacts between the internet portal and the hardware controlling the quantum computer. The main task of the software is to calibrate and monitor the system keeping the Quantum computer operational, compiling the quantum computer program and execute the quantum program and providing the results.

more information: Visit QUtech website